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Professor of Physics & Astronomy

Email : dhlaurence@gmail.com

You've reached the website of Douglas H. Laurence. This website doubles as an interactive CV and a portal for students to access information about their classes. In addition, I have collected any notes on random topics in physics over the years, and have been in the process of typesetting them in LaTex. I will be posting these notes as I finish typesetting them in the "Notes" page, so if you're interested, check them out. As my main interests in physics have always lay in fundamental physics, the notes are going to center around mathematics, quantum field theory, and general relativity, with many additional notes on classical mechanics simply because it's one of my favorite subjects.

My research focuses on theoretical aspects of blazars. Currently, I am working on a theoretical model to explain micro-variability in the synchrotron emission of blazars, which you can read about by clicking on the "Research" tab above. My research is conducted as part of the FIU Blazar Group, under the guidance of Dr. James R. Webb. You can find the webpage for the FIU Blazar Group at here, as well as my INSPIRE-HEP page with my most recent papers by clicking on the "Publications" tab at the top.