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Brief Bio:

I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I started college in 2006 at Miami-Dade College, transferring to Florida International University (FIU) in 2008 with an AA. I finished my BS in Physics with a minor in Chemistry at FIU in 2011. Since 2011, I have been a doctoral student in Physics at FIU, specializing in theoretical astrophysics. Recently, FIU instituted a policy that allowed doctoral candidates (those who had finished their classes and proposed their dissertations) to automatically receive a non-thesis M.S. degree, so when I received mine, I searched for adjunct faculty positions to build teaching experience while I finish my Ph.D. My first teaching position was as an adjunct professor at Nova Southeastern University, in Davie, FL. Since Spring 2018, I have been an Assistant Professor of Physics at Broward College, also in Davie, FL. Currently, my doctoral status is All But Dissertation (ABD); due to my recently acquired professorship at Broward College, I've had to take a hiatus from working on my dissertation, but I hope to have it finished at some point in the near future.

During my first two years of graduate school, I worked under Dr. R. Narayanan, conducting research in quantum field theory (specifically lattice quantum chromodynamics, working on large N, 2- and 3-dimensional field theories). After those years, I switched tracks and have been working under Dr. James R. Webb since. As I said, my current research is in theoretical astrophysics. Specifically, I study small-amplitude, short-duration variations in the synchrotron emission of blazars, a phenomenon referred to as "micro-variability". This research is really interesting for many reasons, but it mainly gives us a chance to peer into the inner workings of these very active galaxies and investigate the rapidly rotating, supermassive black holes at their cores. For a more in-depth overview of my current research, click on the "Research" tab above. You can also click on the "Publications" tab above to be taken to my INSPIRE-HEP profile.

In 2016, I published a high school physics textbook for the Princeton Review, High School Physics Unlocked. Copies are available on Amazon.com, and a preview of the book can be found through Google Books.

My CV (updated March, 2019) can be found here as well as my LinkedIn page, which can be found here, though I'm not as active on LinkedIn as I am on this website.