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Survey of Modern Physics

Possible New Course at Broward College

I am looking for students who are interested in learning more advanced topics in physics than are covered in a traditional physics 1/2 sequence. In most cases, physics 1/2 only covers physics up to the mid-1800's, and leaves a student without any understanding of current areas of interest in physics. This is unique to physics in the sciences; it seems like most, if not all, other introductory science courses leave the student with at least some understanding of current areas of interest. All current research in physics is done in a portion of physics known as modern physics, which is physics discovered after the year 1900.

What could you expect to cover in a modern physics course? The main topics will be:

What about the requirements? You would need both calculus I and calculus II, as well as physics 1/2 with or without calculus. As long as you know calculus, you should be fine with the physics you learned even if you took it without calculus.

When would it be offered? I'd like to offer it over Fall 2018 or Spring 2019, but it depends on the amount of interest from students. I'm hoping to find at least 10-12 interested students, and then I'll be able to request that the class be offered.

If you are interested, please email me at dlaurenc@broward.edu with the subject "Modern Physics Course."