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AST1004 Astronomy of Stars and Galaxies

Summer 2018

Official Syllabus

Exam 1 is on Wednesday, June 27 (Ch's 1 - 5 and 16)

Exam 1 Review Questions

Project 1 (Due Friday, July 20)

Project 2 (Due Tuesday, August 7)

Ch. 16: The Sun

Ch. 17: The Stars

Ch. 19: Star Formation (Lecture Video)

Ch. 19: Star Formation (Lecture Slides)

Ch. 20: Stellar Evolution

Ch. 21: Stellar Explosions

Ch. 22: Neutron Stars & Black Holes

Final Exam Review Questions

Section #: 596108
Class Time: MW 1:30PM - 2:55PM
Room: 7/277

Instructor: Douglas H. Laurence
Office: 7/135
Office Hours: M, T, W, R from 3:00P - 4:00P

Course Materials:

For this course, you will be required to buy two items:

Further, you are expected to have a notebook (or paper of any form), a writing utensil, etc., so that you can properly take notes during the class. Feel free to record audio of the lectures to playback later; whatever helps you learn, I'm on board with it.

Course Topics:

During the semester, we will cover the following topics:


Each exam will consist of roughly 30 multiple choice questions. The solutions to each exam must be recorded on Scantron sheets, so make sure you buy at least 2 for this class! The midterm will cover roughly the first half of the material, while the final exam will cover roughly the second half of the material. The final exam will not be cumulative; it will only be on material covered after the midterm.

Before each exam, there will be a review of the material. The review will consist of roughly 40 multiple choice questions that I will write, which represent the types of questions you could expect to see on the upcoming exam. The exam content will break down in the following way:

At the start of every week, on a Monday unless otherwise stated, we will have a short quiz at the end of the first class. This quiz will have two multiple choice questions. Your lowest quiz grade will be dropped in the calculation of your final grade.

Tentative Course Schedule:

This syllabus is subject to change with prior notification from the professor
Updated Wednesday June 13

May 14 Ch. 1: Charting the Heavens Ch. 2: The Copernican Revolution
May 21 Ch. 2: The Copernican Revolution Ch. 3: Radiation
May 28 Memorial Day Class Cancelled
June 4 Ch. 3: Radiation / Ch. 4: Spectroscopy Ch. 4: Spectroscopy
June 11 Ch. 5: Telescopes / Ch. 16: The Sun Ch. 16: The Sun
June 18 Ch. 16: The Sun / Ch. 17: The Stars Ch. 17: The Stars / Ch. 19: Star Formation
June 25 Review for Midterm Midterm
July 2 Ch. 19: Star Formation / Ch. 20: Stellar Evolution July 4th
July 9 Ch. 21: Stellar Explosions / Ch. 22: Neutron Stars & Black Holes Ch. 22: Neutron Stars & Black Holes
July 16 Ch. 23: The Milky Way Galaxy / Ch. 24: Galaxies Ch. 24: Galaxies / Ch. 25: Galaxies & Dark Matter
July 23 Ch. 26: Cosmology Ch. 26: Cosmology / Ch. 27: The Early Universe
July 30 Ch. 27: The Early Universe Final Exam Review
August 6 Final Exam Classes End

*Blue days are days off, red days are exam dates.

Grading Scheme:

Quizzes 20 points
Project 1 20 points
Project 2 20 points
Midterm 20 points
Final Exam 20 points
Total 100 points

Grading Sale:

Letter Grade Points Earned
A 85.0 - 100.0
B 75.0 - 84.9
C 65.0 - 74.9
D 55.0 - 64.9
F < 55.0