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PHY2054 General Physics II

Summer 2018

Official Syllabus

Exam 2 is moved to Thursday, July 12. Review is on Tuesday, July 10.

Exam 1 Review Questions

Exam 1 Solutions

Exam 2 Review Questions

Exam 2 Solutions

Exam 3 (Due Wednesday, August 1, at 11:59pm!)

Exam 3 Solutions

Extra Credit Assignment (Worth 2 points towards final grade)

Section #: 590986
Class Time: TR 1:30PM - 2:55PM
Room: 7/277

Instructor: Douglas H. Laurence
Office: 7/135
Office Hours: M, T, W, R from 3:00P - 4:00P

Course Materials:

For this course, you will be required to buy two items:
Further, you are expected to have a notebook (or paper of any form), a writing utensil, etc., so that you can properly take notes during the class. Feel free to record audio of the lectures to playback later; whatever helps you learn, I'm on board with it.

Course Topics:

During the semester, we will cover the following topics:
The last segment of material, Introduction to Modern Physics, depends on time. Essentially, there are two broad topics that we can break modern physics into:
Ideally, we would be able to cover Relativity and then Quantum Mechanics. However, as you can probably guess, this is a lot of material, so we will more-than-likely only have enough time for one of these subjects; which one we cover will be decided upon by a vote in class.


The exams will be a mixture of multiple choice questions and free response problems, with 10 multiple choice questions worth 2.5 points each (total of 25 points) and 3 free response problems worth 25 points each (total of 75 points). There will actually be FOUR available free response problems, of which you only need to answer THREE; you CANNOT do the fourth problem for extra credit. The material covered on each exam is going to break down like:

At the start of every week, on a Tuesday unless otherwise stated, we will have a short quiz at the end of the first class. This quiz will have two questions: one conceptual, multiple-choice question, and one problem involving computation, which may or may not be multiple-choice. Your lowest quiz grade will be dropped in the calculation of your final grade.

Tentative Course Schedule:

This syllabus is subject to change with prior notification from the professor
Updated June 19

May 14 Math Review / Electric Force Electric Force / Electric Field Lecture 1, Lecture 2
May 21 Electric Field / Gauss' Law Gauss' Law Lecture 3
May 28 Class Cancelled Class Cancelled
June 4 Electric Energy Electric Energy
June 11 Exam 1 Review Exam 1
June 18 DC Circuits DC Circuits Lecture 7
June 25 DC Circuits Magnetism June 28
July 2 Magnetism Faraday's Law
July 9 Exam 2 Review Exam 2
July 16 Geometric Optics Modern Physics
July 23 Modern Physics Exam 3 Review
July 30 Exam 3 Final Exam Review
August 6 Final Exam Classes End

Grading Scheme:

I use a sliding grading scheme, with exam grades dependent on how well you do.

Quizzes 15 points
Lowest-Graded Exam 10 points
Mid-Graded Exam 20 points
Highest-Graded Exam 25 points
Final Exam 30 points
Total 100 points

Grading Sale:

Letter Grade Points Earned
A 85.0 - 100.0
B 75.0 - 84.9
C 65.0 - 74.9
D 55.0 - 64.9
F < 55.0