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Undergraduate Research in Theoretical Physics

If you are interested in pursuing physics as a career, or are considering really any field of science, undergraduate research experience is going to be essential for several reasons: it will expose you to various fields of research, and help you narrow down your interests; it will look good on your resume when applying for jobs or graduate school; etc. Currently, I am looking for undergraduates at Broward College who are interested in completing a research project in theoretical physics.

What subjects in theoretical physics?

There are four main subjects in theoretical physics that I am interested in:

What classes do I need to do research?

The bare minimum is going to be physics 1 and 2, calculus 1 through 3, and differential equations. With this math background, quantum mechanics and blazar jets are suitable topics for a research project. In order to get to general relativity, the math class linear algebra must also be taken. For topics in cosmology, there are no additional math classes that would help, per se, but it's an extremely difficult subject, and so extreme comfort with calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra is a must.

Earning credit for your research project

You can earn 1-3 credits for your research project (per semester; some projects might take 2 semesters to complete) by enrolling in PSC 4911 Independent Research In The Physical Sciences.

If you are still interested

Feel free to contact me at dlaurenc@broward.edu or pass by my office on Central campus, Room 7/135, if I'm in.